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Reset Results at last.

We did it (again) round 10 for Melissa and 4 for me ? This time was my favorite because I went into it with hopes of it correcting an issue my body had decided to produce about 2 months ago.

In my weight gain year commitment (2016 built up 30 pounds) I took in WAY more calories and a lot more meat! Everything was cool till about 2 months ago when I jumped an extra ten pounds almost overnight. This was very strange, especially when I've monitored my gr ... owth for 15 months and averaged 2-3 pounds a month like clock work. My hunch was something decided to "slow my flow" and just hang in there.

Sure enough, we start and it's all the classic symptoms. Caffeine withdrawal headaches, felt like I couldn't drink enough water, 5 days in was suuuuupppper tired, 5-7 bathroom visits a day, and day 7 hits and I feel like I'm 20yrs younger! Sleeping like a baby, tons of energy for a full day, never starving, see, smell, thinking are all crazy laser sharp. Down 11 pounds.... concerned I'll drop too much weight in the 3 weeks. wedding party bridesmaid wears in navy

End of week 2 I get nailed with the flu ? so bad we're sleeping in separate beds. I stuck to the course, what difference does it make on the food you committed to eat? During this journey, I went skiing in MT. for a week, dirt biking with my snacking beer drinking buddies, even had a dinner meeting once and stayed true to the program like clock work.

Today, still tackling the flu? skin is super soft, I'm more flexible than I've been in years, 2 inches thinner in the middle. All that stuck meat and dairy... gone! This is a must do for you to feel the real you. It's a commitment but isn't anything that worth real results? Even sick, completely depleted from a virus I have strength and spring in my step like a 160lb. teenager not 194lb. 44yr. old.

14 total pounds dropped
Two inches from waist
Would guess 5 solid pounds of fat off
Faster, lighter feel, flexible, energy!
Super Smell, Sight, Hearing - crazy ?
Everything tastes salty as hell!!!
I can taste the difference in waters ?
Belly button is flat almost an outie
So much more in tune ?

With fitness you don't need all the answers. Just commitment! Healthy is great stuff being in sync inside shinning it's way through.... not a certain look of the shell. But if done correctly you get both?

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