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wedding wear options for older and mature brides

? Heads up listing for decor

My December wedding is inspired by Harry Potter and is going to be in burgundy and gold.

So far I’ll have...

• 15 floral centerpiece arrangements consisting of
-White tall vases
-hydrangeas (burgundy)
-heather (white)
-roses (burgundy & cream)
-plumes (ivory)
-fake peasant feathers (fabric)
- dahlias (white & burgundy)

* * * All floral decor is from Hobby Lobby and my selection is still available if you need more than my stock * * *

• gold geometric vases (10)
• gold birdcage
• 19” gold rings with matching floral
arrangements (3)
• unique bridesmaids bouquets (5)
• gold/burgundy waving wands (100)
• misc. flameless candles
• reindeer Moss with gold glitter
• All Purpose Moss mats (6sq ft each)
• Moss and wood basket
• misc wine bottles
• misc glassware
• burgundy tablecloths (15)
• gold damask napkins (100)
• burgundy tulle table skirt (1)
• silk flower petals
• flower girl basket
• “Olivander’s wand” sign
• “Quidditch Cup” sign
• “Guest” sign (gold)
• vintage hand mirror
• trunk (small)

This is a heads up listing. PM me if you’d like full photos of the items. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for my guests wedding wear options for older and mature brides ? Otherwise, photos, prices, and additional items will be posted later in the year.

Thanks ☺️