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white colored items to wear in the graduation occasion

*Tumi quickly hides the will and diary behind her T-shirt *
Stepmom: Why is my suitcase open
Tumi: I found it like this
Stepmom: (Feeling suspicious) oh ohk
*stepmom left Tumi in the room. After a few minutes Tumi confronts her stepmom*
Tumi: Aunty may I ask something
Stepmom: Can't you see I am busy
Tumi: I see but its very serious
Stepmom: (ANGRY) Nxa!! get away
Tumi: Ohk then I will go to the police and show them the documents I find
Stepmom: WAIT! WAIT! WAIT! Lets talk about them
Tumi: Ohk we go any further why did you kill my dad
Stepmom: (ANNOYED) We both know you killed him
Tumi: (GIVES HER THE DIARY) So. what is this
Stepmom: Waah the hell... How did you...Ohh you the one who opened my suitcase
Tumi: Yes! And I am taking this to the police
Stepmom: You will not I dare you!!
Tumi: Ohh you think so? Try me! I am no longer 10 but I am 17 now so I am not afraid of you now
Stepmom: Well of course you not afraid cause you killed your father
*Tumi begins to move back then her stepmom hit her with a chair then she fainted then after some hours Tumi wakes up in a mental hospital where her stepmom had connections* white colored items to wear in the graduation occasion
Tumi: What am I doing here
Doctor: Shhh you are sick
Tumi: Ohk doctor please call the police I wanna tell them that my stepmom killed my father
Doctor: Shhh! Calm down! Nurse please bring the injection
Tumi:No I said call the police
Doctor: The lady that brought you here because of your sickness is now an evil......
*The nurse gives the doctor the injection then she injects Tumi to sleep*